To spend the night, both private and mass accommodation is available. Private accommodation has already been placed on request during registration for the AGM.

Opening hours of mass accommodation: 8pm – 10am

Mass accommodation will be available at two gyms. To spend the night in mass accommodation, you will need your own sleeping mat, sleeping bag, toiletries and a towel to shower. Please note that mass accommodation will be closed and locked out of opening hours, i.e. during the day!  Only leave the things you don’t need during the day. Unfortunately, there are no lockers in the gyms. During mass accommodation opening hours, there will be someone on night watch, who is your contact person for all queries. All mass accommodation is accessible for disabled people. Gym addresses do vary from the addresses of the schools they belong to!

Turn- und Sporthalle

Johannesstraße 50 (entrance)
70176 Stuttgart

Friedrich Eugens school gym










Turn- und Sporthalle

Falkertstraße 20
70176 Stuttgart

Dillmann school gym










Other accommodation

The costs for hotel accommodation cannot be reimbursed by Amnesty!

If you would like to stay at a hotel at your own expense, here’s a list of affordable hotels near Liederhalle.

Hansa Hotel Stuttgart
Silberburgstraße 114-116
70176 Stuttgart

Hotel Sautter
Johannesstraße 28
70176 Stuttgart

Novum Hotel Rega Stuttgart
Ludwigstraße 18-20
70176 Stuttgart

Hotel Astoria
Hospitalstraße 29
70174 Stuttgart

Alex 30 Hostel
Alexanderstr. 30
70184 Stuttgart

Hotel Pension Riehle
Urbanstraße 46
70182 Stuttgart – Mitte

Pension am Heusteig
Heusteigstr. 30
70180 Stuttgart

6. Juni 2019